TRACKING JUDGE :       James “Akin” Akin-Otiko has owned dogs all his life. It all really started in                                             1990, after Akin brought back a pure bred German shepherd puppy from the Netherlands while                                                 playing professional basketball in Eindhoven. He joined a UScA club (OWDA) in Broken Arrow,                                                   Oklahoma from 1992 to 1998 and began his IPO adventure. He joined DVG in 1998 and has                                                       remained a DVG member in good standing ever since. Akin has trained and titled several dogs                                                   from different breeds, however, he got more involved in and with the helper/decoy aspect of the                                                 sport. He preferred it because of the physical challenge as well as the interaction it fostered                                                       between himself and the dogs that he worked. As a helper/decoy, he worked countless club trials, 5                                           KG (Regional) championships in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 4 LV ( National) championships in                                             2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, the AWDF championship (back-half) in 2007, the Doberman Nationals in                                               2008 and has been invited to work several other National championship events. Even now, he                                                     continues to work his club dogs and his local club trials.


                                          Akin has served as both KG (Regional) OfG (Training Director) and LV (National) OfG (Training Director). He was the Mid-West KG OfG for almost nine years and the LV OfG for almost five years. In both capacities, he served on the KG and LV boards while he performed numerous helper seminar/certifications all over the country. During his tenure in office, he certified and up-graded over 55 helpers. Because of his dedication to the helper/decoy aspect of the sport, he did not get a chance to show his dogs on the level that he would have wanted, however, he has received “V” excellent ratings in all three phases of the sport with different dogs at different trials. He has also helped many dog and handler teams along the way in working towards and obtaining titles on their dogs. He is the President and Training director of Nebraska Hundesport Club, and is currently training two dogs, Kuinta vom Kaja Haus - BH, a daughter of his retired female, Bradi von Jager - IPO 2, FH, BH Rafael God of War, a Belgian Malionois.


Akin enjoys and prioritizes time with his wife and children over everything else. His biggest accomplishment as he says, has been raising his children and being a wonderful husband to his wife. He is an accountant for a Federal Defense Contractor, and has been for several years. He became a licensed DVG judge in 2013 so that he can still be involved in the sport at a high enough level to make a difference and to give back. Akin is very excited in his capacity as a judge about the opportunity to be an ambassador and advocate of the sport wherever he goes. He is convinced that his years of experience as a handler and a helper/decoy gives him a  unique point of view now that he is a judge.  He feels very honored to have been selected as the tracking judge for the 2018 LV America DVG Championship and he wishes all the participants the best of luck.

                                                OBEDIENCE:  Amanda Hoskinson 

                                                 I acquired my first Rottweiler. He went to work with me everyday, showing me their loyalty, obedience                                                        and protective instinct. I purchased that very company I worked for in 1992 and continue to the present                                                    day working in the construction industry with Rottweilers by my side. I love animals, but adore dogs. My                                                    other interests include farming, firearms and most anything to do with history.

                                                 I joined DVG in 1993.  Prior to that, I was very involved in AKC showing and obedience. I've held all                                                          types of board positions in both working and breed clubs. My clubs have organized many club events,                                                      as well as National (breed & IPO) and World Championships. 

                                                 As a relatively "yung" judge, I've judged many club trials, a few Regional Championships,  the UDC's                                                        National Championship in 2016 and was the tracking judge in last years DVG Championship.



My trial experience with H.O.T. dogs:

-Competed  in DVG National Championships consecutively since 1997 (19) with podium placements at all levels.

-Competed at numerous DVG Regional, AWDF, USRC and WUSV Qualifying Championships.

-Represented LV America at the 2005 DHV CH in Germany with Carla v Haus Anin (Rottweiler).

-Member of 6 World teams and have been team Captain for 3 World tams and Co-captain for FCI Championship

It's an honor and privilege to be selected as the obedience judge.  I Respect your dedication and hard work. I hope you'll enjoy your experience and most of all the partnership with your dogs. 

Good Luck to all.

                                                        Frank Bukowsk Age 58  born in Elmshorn/ Germany

                                                        Married Karen Anne Bukowski

                                                        Children Kelly (32 ), Rouven (29), Tim (26)

                                                        Job Policeman Hamburg - Dog handler

                                                        Hobbies: besides dog sport

                                                        Family/  Oldtimer car/  motorcycle

                                                        DVG Membership since 1980/ since 1996 dog club President / in 1992 appointment as a                                                          judge / since 2016 Chairman of the Hamburg Judges


                                                        I started dog sport with a Labrador. Simultaneously working as helper and as Coach.

                                                        During this time I have worked with 14 dogs (German Shephard/Rottweiler/Giant                                                                      Schnauzer/Malinois) and have taken part in approx. 120 trials.

                                                        Seven of these dogs were police dogs. 4 Dogs I trained to search for narcotics and one                                                          dog was trained for TNT My current police dog is a black German Shephard named                                                                  Raven. I also have a Malinois Anton for Sport.