Schedule of events

Wednesday November 7th

The Hospitality room The Kitty Hawk will be open at 11:00, apparel will be available for purchase along with raffle items on display and raffle tickets available for purchase. 

Thursday November 8th

STADIUM PRACTICE:  9:00 am -1:00 pm

     Sign up sheet will be available at club field and Wed in       the Hospitality room.  5 minutes per handler,  groups           are recommended.


DRAW/JUDGES DINNER  4:00 pm Host Hotel, Dinner to follow.

      Judges dinner is 30.00 and must be paid in advance. 

      Be sure to note the name of the attendee when paying

Friday November  9th

                     STADIUM: 9:00 am

       IPO 1 & 2 Obedience and protection.

       Concessions will be available at the stadium

                      TRACKING: Times announced at the draw

                      LV BOARD MEETING:   3:00 pm  Host Hotel.

Saturday November 10th

                                                           STADIUM : 8:00 am

                                                IPO 3 Obedience and protection.                       

                                                   Concessions will be available. 

                                                           TRACKING: Times announced at the draw

                               MID WEST KG MEMBERSHIP MEETING: TIME: 4:00 pm

                                 GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING:TIME:  5:00 pm                  

                    Both meetings will be at the host hotel in the Hospitality room/ Kitty Hawk Room.


Sunday November 11th

                                   STADIUM: 8:00 am

                        IPO 3 Obedience and protection.

                           Concessions will be available.

                                    TRACKING: announced at the draw 

          CLOSING CEREMONIES:  Approximately 12:00  pm

            Pick up scorebooks following closing ceremonies.

         Handlers must turn in trial bibs to pick up scorebooks.